Friday, October 2, 2009

Apologies, apologies

Sorry for not having made any entries recently. I have been extremely busy with a host of publishing projects - and this has left me with no spare time to think or write about anything else. I will tell you about my projects in my next post.

I should also say sorry to those of you who were following my comments on the current financial crisis. These didn't dry up. I stopped to stake stock of things and make an assessment of the various things that are being done in response to the crisis. I will say something about those shortly.


  1. Hi Teacher,
    I found this bouk about brazilian HIstory: "Brazil: Five centurys of change" By Thomas S Skidmore. But, before 1930 it´s note a great book. For this period I would suggest Boris Fausto´s A concise history of Brazil. About Lula I found a Richard Bourne´s "Lula of Brazil: a history so far"(2008).Before 2005 all books about Lula have troubles, because in this year the brazilian parlament were place of a big scandoll about boughth of votes... it´s usual, but... the epic dream about Lula´s government is broken. All the best

  2. Hi Marcos,
    Thanks so much for these suggestions. Do you have any recommendations for novels/novelists?
    It was good to meet you in what turned out to be a very lively and engaging conference. I will probably write a bit about it here soon.
    very best wishes, Alan

  3. Hi Teacher,
    I think many things interesting for you read (and after, so write about...). Machado de Assis’s The posthumous memories of Brás Cubas is an ironic book and have a great critic about positivism. He write many amazing tales. Machado and João Guimarães Rosa are probably the greatest brazilian writers… Rosa wrote whit many metaphors and local language. Clarice Lispector is an ontological writer: she is interesting but very “inner self”… Sorry for my bad English,
    Best for you,
    P.S.: A good book about brazilian popular music is Caetano Veloso´s Tropical Truth. In brazilian culture a popular music have great place…
    I wait for you texts (in this blog and about my country)

  4. Hi again Marcos,
    Thanks for these very interesting references. We are making some progress in setting up a Centre for Rorty Studies in Rio -
    so I will keep you posted. What are your own plans for the future?
    very best wishes, Alan